What Will Be The Outcome Of Delhi Elections in February 2020

Flowing Winds of Delhi Assembly Elections 2020
Picture Credits : TheFedral

Not to start with all the regular talks and stuff those News Channels are thundering the whole day of 8the February 2020. People must have been bored as of now by those regular “We will show it First” wala Drama. Here we will jump to the next level of election results of Delhi in 2020.

The Winner – The Loser & The Desperate

Picture Credits : TheFedral

In the capital of India today the people in the heart of India have given their decision to the one who will be the choice for them for the next 5 years. But the election in Indian capital does not end here only but a lot is under the flow. We will get a winner for the Delhi assembly election on the 11th of February but with a trailing political survivor, we will also be going to get the DESPERATO in these assembly elections of Delhi. Just to mention that in last assembly elections of Delhi back in 2015 Arwind Kejriwal led AAP made almost a clean sweep with just opening figures in the bag of BJP and Congress were sitting ducks with a bit of satisfaction with the percentage of cote share in their favor but still missed to open the account. So above all the public of Delhi must be very keen to know if the Congress party will open their account or will repeat the GOLDEN DUCK again in this 2020 assembly polls of Delhi.

How Are The Exit Polls Outcome For Delhi Assembly Polls in 2020

Even though the Aam Aadmi Party is very well seen as the leader of the forefront of Delhi Assembly Exit Polls in 2020. But we do not have to forget sometimes the best figures of “Exit Polls” can outcome as just the illusion(Recall 2004 General Elections where exit polls stated BJP as a big marginal winner but happen to be opposite). It happens to be the anti-CAA reflections in Exit polls or maybe the people got some surprise for the media guys. When we have seen back in 2015 with giving a good opportunity to Aam Aadmi Party the public of Delhi which consist of most educated and working-class people with a good sense of judgement for what is good and what is bad for their next 5 years. Eventually after looking at the exit polls of Delhi it seems to be chilling winter to continue for sure, but what surprise may come on the results day that might bring early summers as well. So people be ready with the ifs and buts on 11th February which will result in the endgame of this hip-hop discussion about the possibilities of the major runners on the racing track of Delhi politics.

What Is The Voting Turnout And Its Effects

Quiet a myth it is but a lot of people are still be very keen to know how the voting turnout can affect the results. As we all know the last voting turnout was above 65% for Delhi Assembly elections and that resulted in a big marginal win for Aam Aadmi Party. This time it sit back at 62% in total which is quiet less than the previous one. It is said that people come to vote in excess to make a change in the political settlements and voting above 60% is a clear sign for this. Either people have stepped out to save the Ass of AAP and re-elect them in Delhi or they have pledged for a better option and stepped out to vote for a change. But whatever it is we are still a day far from the results of Delhi Assembly elections. And it will be quiet a nerve-wracking day ahead tomorrow.

Will The Delhi Assembly ELections can Affect UP Assembly ELections?

Moved a step closer to the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections later on. But a lot of people have one question arising in their mind if the results of Delhi Assembly elections will affect the UP elections? And for their interest we can say only one thing, only 2 major parties are the competitors in UP Assembly and the major player of Delhi”AAP” stands no chance in Uttar Pradesh and so either they win or lose Delhi; it will not be any help for them in Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections.