The FREEBIES Of Politics; Blessings or Bribe?

In the era of 1980’s when news channels are not present and the internet has not been a thing for Indian public, by then a lot of Freebies are pledged by the government or the people ruling the government. As the era of the 21st century came closer, a lot of news channels and media houses came up on-air to speed up the information broadcasting in the form of NEWS for the public. Some people started using the internet(not a much but enough to make a fire in Jungle). Now, whenever some political representative pledge for something free, it was instantly broadcasted on these news channels, unlike the old times when it took years to reach the knowledge to the public. So basically on the name of subsidies these FREEBIES are distributed to the citizens of our country who are so-called under the poverty line. And of course this was for “THEIR” greater good.

Whose Greater Good Is It?

Above we have mentioned ‘”THEIR” greater good’ and most of us understood as the greater good of Indian people. But actually the word “THEIR” refers to whom? Is sit really the Indian public? Are they the ones below poverty lines? Or it is something else? Quiet a crazy question, but it rings the bell in mind for the actual beneficiaries of these FREEBIES. And the one who made it notice on a big stage was none other than the Aam Aadmi Party Leader Arvind Kejriwal who started protests alongside the very respected Anna Hazare ji. And later on formed his individual political party as AAP and fought in Delhi Assembly elections in 2013 and 2015. In 2013 he was a bit short to the magic numbers but in 2015 public of Delhi given him full support to fight against these freebies and elected him with the highestmargins to get rid of these Honey-Trap of Freebies being offer to them by the previous governments(As