The Great Wall of Conspiracy By China?

COVID-19 or coronavirus originated from China in late 2019 is spreading all along while the mystery still continues! It is quite a strange reaction from everyone on this deadly virus. Not just ONE but a number of theories traveling worldwide about this deadly Coronavirus COVID-19. So what actually s the mystery of this highly speeding virus COVID-19?

Theory no.1

Contraction From Wild Bats in Wuhan Meat Market

It is the original stories run from the Chinese media and some local sources who spread the news about this virus in November – December 2019. So this theory or “STORY” says that it is originated from the meat-market of China and spread in the locals of Wuhan city, which was its peak in February 2020. But in this theory, only one suspicious thing remains in question is why this Virus happens to remain inside Wuhan at the most and not spread across other cities of China which are bigger and more populated than Wuhan. Instead, it went across international borders to European superpowers and the USA as well where it struck very badly.

When asked and discussed with various people then chances for this theory to be the TRUE one remain under 1 %. So we can simply disagree with this wicked theory of COVID-19 spread.

VOTED < 1 %

Totall Disagreed with this theory

What Could Be the Future Aspects of this Theory?

Well if we go in detail (of rumors) of this outspread in Wuhan then it is expressed to be spread from wild-bats. But when and how it is transmitted to humans is not clear and that’s where this story is believed to not withstand the existence, but also gives a conclusion for whatever we do with nature we will get something horrible in return. The more humans are invading in wild nature the more dangerous bacterial and virus infections are spreading. Because wild nature can cause zoonotic diseases in humans which are highly mortal because our immune system is not made to fight the wild bacterias or viruses.

Theory No 2

CoronaVirus Sneaked out of Wuhan Institute of Virology

This is how a wild guess is consumed by a lot of people worldwide that Wuhan Institute of Virology which was formed back in 1956 by Chen Huagai and Gao Shangyin. The fathom around is that this deadly Coronavirus COVID-19 took a sneak peek from this research institute of CHina located in Jiaangxia District, Wuhan, Hubei. But if we go for a reality check then it is considered to be a RARE event or can be said equal to impossible for leakage from Biosafety Level – 4(BSL-4) Laboratory. For those who are not aware of BSL-4 Laboratories, it is considered to be the safest laboratories that are specially designed for biological safety and risks. In these laboratories, scientists work on highly dangerous and exotic microbes which are enough to cause fatal infections and come without treatment and vaccines. One of those are the EBOLA virus and now Coronavirus.

BAsically the biological safety is highly maintained to the containment of such microbes and viruses in BSL-4 facilities so it is hard to believe that. COVID-19 must have sneaked out of the Wuhan BSL-4 facility without a human error or hum intentions. And this is because the BSL-4 laboratories are located in a completely isolated zone and have restricted access. Everyone entering and exiting the facility requires decontamination of all materials and no person is authorized to enter without wearing personal protection equipment as well as full-body, air-supplied positive pressure suit.

100% with Additional Theory Related

Yes The Virus came out of the BSL-4 Lab of Wuhan City But the Further Theories will be the Conclusion.

Future Aspects of This Theory

This theory stands valid from most aspects except the way the virus sneaked out of this Lab

Only we try to express the ways the virus may have sneaked out from the BSL-4 facility of Wuhan Institute of Virology later on in this post but we inexorably believe that this fatal pandemic spread is originated from this Virology Lab in Wuhan. So if we have to avoid such cataclysmic spread in future either such labs remain in hands of very responsible countries or they should be situated far-far from any populated areas, maybe an abandoned island or so.

Theory No 3

China Blamed For the Spread and named “Chinese Virus”

According to CNN sources and the blame game initiated by President Donald Trump and his administration, the Coronavirus is spread across the world due to the actively spreading disinformation about the Virus in early days of spread. And because of this, the whole world including America and major European super-powers are suffering from this serious and horrifying pandemic. Although this theory is connected to the previous theory no. 2 and becomes a child theory of that but with speculation.

Here the point is a bit clear that China somehow tried to hide information from the world related to COVID-19. But where the USA is blaming them and China’s casual response the allegations also clears the lack of sense of responsibility from a country like China. Apart from that asking for foreign reporters to leave the country also raise the eyebrow on their part. so in this contrast either they are confusing their own ambition with China’s or it really is China who is doing it.

50/50 Chances