Everyone has heard of racer back tops, but what is the new trend of racer front dresses? This trend has seemed too caught on the world in a crazy way. If you have not tried it yet, then you must get one of these figure flattering dresses soon. The dress is so versatile that it can be teamed with a pair of leggings, denims or a skirt too. You can even wear it just as a dress. And on colder days, pairing it with a layered jacket is going to change the entire look of the dress beautifully. These dresses are made for every kind of occasion. For a night out, you can pair your dress with a nice chunky jewelry for your hand, get a nice clutch- and you are ready to rock the night. Be it sporty events get together, a casual date, hanging out with friends or night out- this dress is a savior, always!

Racer front dresses have a deep shoulder cut in the front and the back. The fabric that is being used to make the racer front dresses is either lycra or a stretchy knit kind. If you can get a racer front dress made of leather, then you are lucky enough to look like a drop dead gorgeous person, with all eyes on you. It offers a figure hugging fit so that you can flaunt your curves fullest. The various designs that are available in this range are going to excite and encourage you to buy all of them!

There are plenty of graphic designs too that give an illusion of a curvier you. Racer front dresses are also coming with a golden zipper, either in the front or the back. This adds a classy sportiness charm to your dress. These dresses are extremely affordable too; therefore you can look like a Hollywood star without having to spend hundred dollars!

Depending on your personality, you can go for a watch or a bracelet as an accessory. You can even try wearing a chunk of bangles to complete the look. Even for your feet, anything can actually go with the racer front dresses. You can try slip on sandals, boots, sporty shoes, sneakers or even killer high heel stilettos. So go rock that racer front dress like no one else!