Instant Slimming Outfits

An instant slimming idea sounds so magical and unreal to everyone. And why not so, because there is nothing of that sort, truly speaking! But you can always create illusions with your wisdom and smartness. There are many such ways that might not slim you down instantly, but can make you look slimmer at least. If you are large in size, then you must incorporate these in your wardrobe to become a curvy-luscious diva.

First things first, it is important to improve your posture. You must have always been instructed by your parents and elders to sit straight and walk tall, but how many times did you actually pay heed to that? Well, now is the time. God posture makes you look smarter, crisper and slimmer. There are various factors which decide a proper slimming outfit. Before going into intricate things, you should first know about the simple basic ones.

You must have often heard of it, and it is true that dark colors do make you look slim. But that does not mean that you have to stick to black only. You can also go for charcoal gray, brown, purple, navy blue and maroon. These rich colors will make you look attractive and slim at the same time. If you are short in height, then wearing such colors for the lower part of your body is also going to make you look taller. But always remember not to mix more than two dark colors together. Try and wear one dark color throughout.

It is extremely essential to get the right sized clothing for yourself. Wearing a size which is smaller than yours is going to make you look very obnoxious. You will end up embarrassing yourself. Likewise, wearing extra loose or baggy clothes is also not going to help you. You need to get a fit which is completely customized according to your body. 

Importance should also been given to the fabric and the pattern of it. You should strictly avoid fabrics which are shiny, thick, stretchable and body hugging. One example would be lycra. Also, wearing small prints, horizontal and diagonal stripes should be completely avoided. Instead you should wear vertical prints that will make you look slim and tall. This way you can slim yourself instantly and make others jealous!

Update Your Office Wardrobe

Office wardrobes are generally considered to be dreary and plain. Not many people pay attention to it, forget even updating it. But most people often fail to notice that they are working in it for more than fifty percent of their day. They are being noticed by their colleagues throughout the day in that attire. Then how come your office formal wear should not be of any importance to you? The kind of dressing you have defines you and your taste. It says a lot of unsaid things about your body and your personality. How comfortable you are in what you are wearing is easily understandable by your body language too. Therefore it is insanely essential to pay attention even to your office wardrobe.

And who says that office wear has to be restricted to plain and boring only? You can look stylish, classy and sophisticated in office wear. There is an intellectual charm that oozes from you if you wear the right office wear. You do not have to look like clones of each other in formal wear. You can easily inject your personal style into the formals you wear and look unique. All you need to do is be aware of a little fashion sense and your basic preferences. You can use your favorite colors, accessories, and pairing patterns to be extremely presentable.

Designer Clothing

Most people do not wear any accessory while going to office. The only accessory that people generally don for office wear is a watch. Well you can definitely go for more than that, especially if you are a female.

Update your office wear with a few tricks, and people will just keep wondering about the secret behind it. Instead of using the same old tan brown or black belt, you can use a bit bright color. You can also wear a scarf as a belt. This will add a complete feminine touch to your corporate look. Even a small ear ring, light chain or bracelet adds a great to your office formals. You can even update your outfit with inclusion of various patterns like floral or striped.

Formals do not necessarily mean wearing plain, solid colors. Office fashion wear has its own charm; it has to be subtle, understated, but not muted.

Fashion Must Haves For 2021

The need for great fashion trends is never going to change. Every year, every season, there is a new trend to satisfy this thirst of fashion crazy people. But not all people can afford to have so many clothes all year around. Therefore it is better to have a set of fashion must haves for the upcoming year. And for this you need to be updated about the latest trends that will be ruling the fashion ramps in the New Year.

2021 has been like a breath of fresh air. It has been different as compared to the fashion trends that you might have been following till now. Like color blocking which was always considered a forbidden step in the fashion industry, is being welcomed nowadays. You can wear hot pink and dark blue together. Monochrome is also an interesting that you can try. Quirky prints like camera, beetle and lady bird are making a big scene in the fashion world.

 If you are a flower girl and love bright colors, then summer 2021 is just meant for you. Flaunt these colors and go wild! Neon nail paints and lipsticks is something which you must have for this year. You can even wear hot pants for the summers in shades of hot pink or fruity orange. Team up a lighter color with it and you are ready to rock any outing or occasion. Colored pants are also must haves. You can have a few and pair it with a huge range of cool colored graphic t-shirts.

A major change that has been noticed in the fashion for 2021 is that body hugging and tight fitting clothes are no longer in much trend now. You must have one of these kinds of boxy, ready to wear kinds of clothing which is loose and large. If worn in one of the pleasant colors of summer, it will surely make you a center of attraction. To maintain the balance of dressing, you should wear the loose shirt with a fitting pant or shorts. Accessories are also playing a very important part this year. Make sure to have the perfect accessories that will enliven whatever dress you wear! And with these must haves, you are set for 2021!

Latest Aldo Shoe Collection

No attire is complete without the perfect footwear and fashion conscious women know that only too well. This means that all those women who keep up with the latest fashion trends also keep up with the latest in the world of shoes and flaunt the trendiest footwear. A big name in the world of footwear is Aldo, which is renowned for fashion footwear that is unique and has the energetic vibe. They have varied styles of shoes in high, medium and low heels and the color range is also very wide. Aldo shoes are known for their original details along with bright colors and ethnic inspired designs.

The latest collection from Aldo features the sexy high heeled shoe which is considered the Aldo staple. These pump shoes have glossy uppers which are black, red or yellow in color and sky high heels. They have open toes and this is extremely fashionable and sexy. The daunting heel of this shoe may look scary as first but the concealed platform ensures that they are very comfortable. For those who love wedged heels, the Aldo versatile wedged heel shoe is a pure delight. It is available in black and taupe and features medium heel and mult strap vamps. They are perfect for all occasions and can be worn at work and after work. They complement anything from dresses to pants. If you are into really high heels then the Aldo ‘Kilbury’ platform shoes are perfect for you. They have seriously high heels along with really thick platform. The front part of the shoe is fully covered and this makes it all the more hot. It is available in colors of black, electric blue and silver.

If you are in love with sandals, then Aldo’s zippered sandals will be a wonderful pick for you. These sandals have zipper accents and goes really well with the hardware trend of this summer. They are available in colors of black and different shades of browns and can go very well with short and sexy dresses. They complement short skirts as well. The beaded combat boots by Aldo is creating a splash and is perfect for those who love a hint of bling. 

Designer Cropped Blazers

Heavier than a full waist blazer but less formal, the cropped blazer is a rage now. The cropped blazers are sophisticated and at the same time cute and is a wonderful option for semi formal occasions. Designer cropped blazers are versatile and stylish and can be worn at any hour of the day. It has been seen that designer cropped blazers have become extremely popular with young professionals who are more than conscious about their fashion and image. Since the cropped blazer does not look like the more professional outfits, it is a great option for all those who work in a comfortable office environment. They work very well with button up blouse and shirts.

When you wear a designer cropped blazer, you have to make sure that you team it up with the right attire. If will actually be great if without proactively trying to make the cropped jacket the sole focus of your ensemble, you make sure that the jacket is well complemented by the blouse or the shirt that you wear underneath. Summer is just around the corner and designer cropped blazers can be worn during this time with élan. To make a fashion statement outside your office, you can team up your designer cropped blazer with a pair of shorts. It will look really cool and will turn more than a few heads.

The good thing with purchasing a designer cropped blazer is you can wear it now and also when the winter sets in. During winter, you can layer the designer cropped blazer over a casual t-shirt or your favorite sweater. You can wear a scarf along with that. In the winter evenings you can team up the cropped blazer with jeans and casual tank tops.

In fact, designer cropped blazers can be worn as evening wears as well. Cropped blazers in velvets and suede look very classy and glamorous.  A short sleeved cropped blazer on top of a formal attire or dress will look elegant. If you want something truly unique and unoriginal you can get a cropped blazer in sheer fabric with capped sleeves.

How To Wear A High-Cut Skirt

If you have been blessed with supermodel-like legs, it’s time to flaunt it. After Angelina Jolie created a furor by promenading her left leg and thigh on the red carpet, every fashion conscious women seems too keen to parade her pins. If you want to flaunt your beautiful legs and thighs, it’s time to include some high cut skirts in your wardrobe. Popularly known as the slit skirt, it is the ‘in’ thing right now and is available in different styles and lengths.  You will enjoy wearing these slit skirts and they are extremely sexy. And since a skirt manifests the feminine side so very well, you will never go wrong with a high cut or slit skirt if you wear it right.

Though high cut skirts are available in different sizes, you must always opt for the longer skirts. The short skirts with high cuts can look trashy at times whereas long skirts with slits are classic. The slit of the high cut can be at the front, on the back or on either sides of the long skirt. However, if the purpose is to show off your tones thighs and legs, skirts with high cuts on a side seem to be the best option.

It is also a wonderful choice for all those women who are short. Skirts with side slits make women look taller and also leaner. If you are wearing the skirt to a party or a gala event then you must team it with a flashy top, preferably a top with longer sleeves and funky collar. And if you want to keep it casual, you should team up the skirt with plain cotton tee or a plain short casual shirt.

Try and use a wide belt with the high cut skirt. Wide belts are very much in vogue and they go really well with slit skirts. If you slit skirt is in a single color then you can use the belt to add more color to your ensemble. Complete the look with high heeled shoes. See that the color of your shoes, work well with the color of the high cut skirt.

Trendy Sunglasses Styles

The summer is here and it’s the perfect time to flaunt those trendy sunglasses.  For a lot of people sunglasses only protect from the harsh glare of the sun but for all the fashionably forward people, sunglass is a beautiful accessory which not only completes an outfit but also adds a distinct touch to it. However, the problem is, there are varied styles of sunglasses available now and taking a pick is difficult. If you are planning to purchase a couple of pairs of sunglasses, you need to know about the sunglass trends that are in vogue now. Here is some help with the trends.

If you are big on retro, then the wayfarer sunglasses might be the best pick for you. The wayfarer sunglasses are in this season. They are angular and what makes them popular is the fact is that they work well on different shapes of faces. It is a winner pick if you have a heart shaped or round face. If you want to go conservation then you can opt for black wayfarer sunglass and if you want to go all out, you can get the cheetah printed sunglasses. The wire rimmed ones are also great for the summers. You can also go in for the cat eye sunglasses which are the ‘it’ sunglasses this summer. It works well for people who have long or square faces. It adds curves to your face and therefore looks very retro cool. There is also the rounded sunglass which is very chic. However, it does not work for everyone and is best suited for those who have high cheekbones and chiseled facial features.

Another style of sunglass that is making the waves currently is the aviator. However, aviator sunglasses are eternal and it seems that they will be in vogue forever. The aviators work wonderfully well for those people who have long and strong jaws and angular faces.

There are other styles of sunglasses as well and some of these styles work well for everyone. If you think that the styles of sunglasses that are in trend do not work well for you, opt for some style that suits you.

Top Fashion Trends For Summer 2021

Every fashion conscious person tries to keep up with the latest trends in the world of fashion. If you are fashionable and always want to put your best fashion foot forward, you need to know about the top fashion trends for summer 2021. You might not follow all these trends but you can incorporate a couple of them with your unique sense of fashion to create something different, stunning and eye catching. Here are some of the top fashion trends for summer 2021, which you definitely need to know about.

One of the trends that are making the splash is tangerine. Tangerine is the hottest color for summer 2021 and this wonderful hue suites all types of skin tones. Tangerine makes a bold statement and you can wear a tangerine dress or a pastel shade dress with tangerine highlights. Small details of tangerine in an ensemble will look really great. Another raging trend is hi low dresses.  Hi low dresses are basically the mullet dresses are they are really cool.

They are asymmetrical with shorter fronts and longer backs and should be minimally accessorized. Oversized hats are one of the hottest trends for summer 2021. Oversized hats will protect you from the sun and will also lend the finishing touch to a fabulous dress. Gold is one of the top fashion trends for summer 2021 and you should incorporate it in your wardrobe as much as possible. You can wear gold ornaments or carry a golden handbag. If you are confident are about carrying them off, golden shoes are a wonderful choice. Moreover, gold and tangerine complement each other really well.

Ethnic prints are big this summer. Tribal and afro centric prints and patterns are in vogue and summer dresses with such prints make a wonderful choice. You can team these dresses with necklaces made with organic materials.  

Chunky bangles are also in this summer and you can wear many of then together at a time. They are expensive and go well with all kinds of summer dresses. Mixing different colors and textures of chunky bangles is a good idea. Floral jeans and bright jackets are also top fashion trends for summer 2021.