Men’s fashion has taken a leap over years. Earlier men’s fashion accessories were not heard of and they used to wear regular wardrobe clothes with minimal variations in their outfits. But now they have become very fashion conscious and are very much concerned of what they wear and how they look. They look in for every detail accessory that can make them look like a man to look for. Like women, men too have a big list of accessories that we admire of like shades, ties, rings, jewelry, jackets, wallets, belts, cufflinks, scarf, pocket squares, socks, shoes and the list goes on. These small accessories play a vital part in fashion industry.

Today’s designers give lot of attention to minor things that can attract major audience. Men too want to create their own style statement and redefine their personality by being innovative and different in terms of presenting themselves among others. Only wearing expensive clothes doesn’t make one a stylish and complete man but inexpensive things can also make them a complete man. Cufflinks have become a craze now a days and every designer comes up with different shapes, designs and materials like gold, pearls and other precious stones.

It symbolizes the status of a person. It is designed for various purposes starting from wedding to office till casual wear. Scarf and pocket squares are a new trend that has been widely accepted by men across the world creating a new style icon. Shades have always been a man’s best friend as it depicts his personality and makes him exceptional. It doesn’t suit to all men but it depends upon their face cut and personality to choose whether they need glasses or not. How can we forget designer watches that are common among men thus adding a glamour quotient.

To have a perfect outfit, you need to balance your accessories that suit you the best or give you the best look. All expensive things doesn’t make a fashionable package but the combination of expensive and not so expensive but has a value of its own makes a man complete and look splendid.