Fashion trends are usually found in a cycle and it goes away from the limelight at some time and again comes back into the limelight after long period. In this context we can speak about the choice of clothes of the people. Previously, if we would watch an old cinema, we will find people wearing fluffy clothes that are loose fitting.

However, with passage of time such clothes went out of the limelight and tight fitting dresses became more popular but as days passed again the trend of wearing such lose fitting clothes came back. At present it is a very common thing to find men and women wearing lose fitting clothes.

Loose fitting dresses for ladies

Loose fitting dresses are common in both the sexes and since women are more prone towards wearing newer types of clothes there are many types of loosing fitting dresses for women. The various kinds of loose fitting clothes include jumpers for women, loose fitting skirts and frocks, tank tops, harem pants, etc.  Jumpers are the baggy style sweaters that women wear during the chilly seasons. The help of wearing such fluffy winter cloth is that it traps a lot of heat with the air between the body and the sweater. Tank tops are loose fitting tops that women mostly wear as casuals. Harem pants are like the pants that one would see the characters of Arabian Nights wearing.

Loose fitting dresses for men

For men loose fitting dresses are also found in the market some of which are same as that of the ladies wears. Like men wear harem pants that are made for men, baggy jeans pants are also common, oversized t-shirts are also worn by men, etc.