An instant slimming idea sounds so magical and unreal to everyone. And why not so, because there is nothing of that sort, truly speaking! But you can always create illusions with your wisdom and smartness. There are many such ways that might not slim you down instantly, but can make you look slimmer at least. If you are large in size, then you must incorporate these in your wardrobe to become a curvy-luscious diva.

First things first, it is important to improve your posture. You must have always been instructed by your parents and elders to sit straight and walk tall, but how many times did you actually pay heed to that? Well, now is the time. God posture makes you look smarter, crisper and slimmer. There are various factors which decide a proper slimming outfit. Before going into intricate things, you should first know about the simple basic ones.

You must have often heard of it, and it is true that dark colors do make you look slim. But that does not mean that you have to stick to black only. You can also go for charcoal gray, brown, purple, navy blue and maroon. These rich colors will make you look attractive and slim at the same time. If you are short in height, then wearing such colors for the lower part of your body is also going to make you look taller. But always remember not to mix more than two dark colors together. Try and wear one dark color throughout.

It is extremely essential to get the right sized clothing for yourself. Wearing a size which is smaller than yours is going to make you look very obnoxious. You will end up embarrassing yourself. Likewise, wearing extra loose or baggy clothes is also not going to help you. You need to get a fit which is completely customized according to your body. 

Importance should also been given to the fabric and the pattern of it. You should strictly avoid fabrics which are shiny, thick, stretchable and body hugging. One example would be lycra. Also, wearing small prints, horizontal and diagonal stripes should be completely avoided. Instead you should wear vertical prints that will make you look slim and tall. This way you can slim yourself instantly and make others jealous!