So a lot of theories and postulates exist behind what can help you choose the perfect pair of jeans. And what are the rules of thumb that one must follow when hunting for that perfect pair? Depending upon your body type, shape and structure, one can choose the best fitting pair of jeans and complete their look.

For Women

Pear-shaped: A typical pear shaped figure can pull off a low rise pair without much effort. And in order to balance the hip region with the rest of the body, a low to medium flare is best suggested. This makes the overall look streamlined and full of stasis and poise.

Apple-shaped:  These type of women will need to create concentration of the lower half of their bodies in order to balance their look and avoid a tapered and unbalanced look. The jeans’ waist must hit the middle of the waist, so that an overall symmetry is created.

Petite: For petite women, straight-legged jeans are the best bet. They must stay away from longer lengths for jeans, which might make them look even shorter.

Hourglass: such women have hardly anything to worry about in their choice of jeans, but the best are high waist jeans that create focus on a slim waist, while not neglecting the curves.

Plus sizes: these women must steer clear of any fancy or embellished jeans that take away the attention from clean looks and cuts. They might also choose darker colors for a slimmer and softer look.

For Men

In all serious mind, it can be extremely challenging for men to choose the right pair of denims, considering the fact that they have no interest whatsoever in the same, and will wear what they see. Men must stick with classic straight legged fits, in the conventional colors, if they want to be sure about their look.

However, if you want to stand out, a variation in your jeans color, such as a stark washed out grey, or acid blue works miraculously. The idea however, is to not be flashy, be understated, classic and yet modern, so men, choose your jeans thoughtfully.