Among various well liked fashion accessories, scarves are one of the most notable ones. You can wear them in various ways and on different parts of the body. One of the common ways to wear them is on your head for looking funky and unique. Whether you term it a turban, a head wrap, a head scarf or a babushka, it is definite that you would be looking stylish.

Some easy ways to wear a headscarf properly

The scarf you choose does not matter really so long as this is more or less large and its thickness is moderate. For wearing this headscarf you will have to adopt the technique of manipulating and folding it to make the same appear right and remain secure. By wearing the same you can move here and there in your house so as to become accustomed with it. This would also enable you to find yourself for some time to ensure whether you obtain the proper look or not.

Different steps of wearing

At first you will have to fold the scarf into a shape of triangle by joining the opposite corners. For this purpose square type scarf is the ideal one, however, in the event your scarf is not totally square type, you would still be able to do the job. You can just get hold of the edge of the scarf in case it is rectangular in shape and convert the same into a square and thereafter fold the same for getting the form of a triangle. In another way you can utilize the folded edge to keep the same in the front portion of your face and put the triangle over your forehead and ensure that triangle’s corners remain in equal length on both side of the head.