Designer High Waisted Shorts

The trend is back. High waisted shorts have been creating a rage in the market with most the celebrities are found wearing designer made high waisted clothes. This was mostly wore by the yester year stars which had a huge fan following and was adopted as retro style. Now we see most of the international celebrities hiring designers to design high waisted shorts or jeans so as to make them look gorgeous and beautiful. It has its own style statement compared to other type of dresses in the market. It enhances the beauty of a woman and provides an elegance thus creating magic with their appearances.

To wear a high waisted short, there needs to be a perfect combination of tops, shorts and footwear. You can find various designs and shapes of high waisted shorts but you need to choose according to your body shape. Make look yourself a stunner by choosing a perfect top or blouse that fits in with the high waisted short or jeans chosen. To add on, check out for a belt that would add weight to your appearance. Some of the high waisted shorts can be of low rise that may suit some of you.

Today’s designers understand the market trend and its demand and thus come up with lots of variations and materials keeping in mind the age group. They design for woman in 20’s to woman in 60’s or 70’s. Not only that, you would also find it in various shapes which can help you hide that extra flab. There are high waisted shorts that are bit loose and people find it more comfortable than those of tighter ones. It again depends upon an individual which one to go for to feel comfortable and beautiful.

This high waisted shorts or jeans can make look an average looking girl to a girl to look for. Most of the designers dress can be found online so choose the ones that would suit you irrespective of the brand and price range. Create your own style statement with a perfect combo of high waisted shorts, tops and other accessories to rule or lure the world. Choice is yours!

Racer-Front Dress Trend

Everyone has heard of racer back tops, but what is the new trend of racer front dresses? This trend has seemed too caught on the world in a crazy way. If you have not tried it yet, then you must get one of these figure flattering dresses soon. The dress is so versatile that it can be teamed with a pair of leggings, denims or a skirt too. You can even wear it just as a dress. And on colder days, pairing it with a layered jacket is going to change the entire look of the dress beautifully. These dresses are made for every kind of occasion. For a night out, you can pair your dress with a nice chunky jewelry for your hand, get a nice clutch- and you are ready to rock the night. Be it sporty events get together, a casual date, hanging out with friends or night out- this dress is a savior, always!

Racer front dresses have a deep shoulder cut in the front and the back. The fabric that is being used to make the racer front dresses is either lycra or a stretchy knit kind. If you can get a racer front dress made of leather, then you are lucky enough to look like a drop dead gorgeous person, with all eyes on you. It offers a figure hugging fit so that you can flaunt your curves fullest. The various designs that are available in this range are going to excite and encourage you to buy all of them!

There are plenty of graphic designs too that give an illusion of a curvier you. Racer front dresses are also coming with a golden zipper, either in the front or the back. This adds a classy sportiness charm to your dress. These dresses are extremely affordable too; therefore you can look like a Hollywood star without having to spend hundred dollars!

Depending on your personality, you can go for a watch or a bracelet as an accessory. You can even try wearing a chunk of bangles to complete the look. Even for your feet, anything can actually go with the racer front dresses. You can try slip on sandals, boots, sporty shoes, sneakers or even killer high heel stilettos. So go rock that racer front dress like no one else!

Oscar De La Renta Fashion Accessories

Oscar de la Renta, the brand line of clothing and accessories is synonymous with the fashion designer of the same name. Just like the career of this designer is jeweled with various awards and titles, this designer has himself been like a rare jewel in the fashion industry. Having worked with Elizabeth Arden, Balmain and Lanvin, this trend setter has definitely learnt from the best of the best. This brand has provided exquisite designs for many royalties, stars, leading figures and red carpet events. And this eponymous house of fashion is continuing to work wonders till today.

If you want to experiment by trying the items of this brand, and are a little apprehensive, then maybe you should start with the accessories of this brand. Once you try one piece from the wide range of accessories available, you are bound to get addicted to the design, cut, and uniqueness of it. You would want to wear it again and again. Most people start buying the accessories of this brand for special occasions and end up getting so infected that they buy some daily pieces of jewelry as well.

You can buy accessories of this brand by visiting the store and its branches in various parts of the world. Just in case if your city is not blessed with the store of this brand, then you can also go for the facility of online shopping. The brand is an amazing option if you are planning to gift someone special. It could be anyone like your mother or your girlfriend. The accessory pieces of this brand will be perfect especially for proposing someone. Although the brand has international value, it provides a wide price range. You can buy according to your budget, without burning a hole in your pocket.

There is a wide range of accessories available to shop from. You can buy hand bags, jewelry, bracelets, ear rings, rings, anklets, shoes, clutch bags, belts, scarves, sunglasses and leather goods. Each design is unique and your selection of it will define your define personality. With Oscar de la Renta fashion accessories, you style statement can never be wrong!

Instant Slimming Outfits

An instant slimming idea sounds so magical and unreal to everyone. And why not so, because there is nothing of that sort, truly speaking! But you can always create illusions with your wisdom and smartness. There are many such ways that might not slim you down instantly, but can make you look slimmer at least. If you are large in size, then you must incorporate these in your wardrobe to become a curvy-luscious diva.

First things first, it is important to improve your posture. You must have always been instructed by your parents and elders to sit straight and walk tall, but how many times did you actually pay heed to that? Well, now is the time. God posture makes you look smarter, crisper and slimmer. There are various factors which decide a proper slimming outfit. Before going into intricate things, you should first know about the simple basic ones.

You must have often heard of it, and it is true that dark colors do make you look slim. But that does not mean that you have to stick to black only. You can also go for charcoal gray, brown, purple, navy blue and maroon. These rich colors will make you look attractive and slim at the same time. If you are short in height, then wearing such colors for the lower part of your body is also going to make you look taller. But always remember not to mix more than two dark colors together. Try and wear one dark color throughout.

It is extremely essential to get the right sized clothing for yourself. Wearing a size which is smaller than yours is going to make you look very obnoxious. You will end up embarrassing yourself. Likewise, wearing extra loose or baggy clothes is also not going to help you. You need to get a fit which is completely customized according to your body. 

Importance should also been given to the fabric and the pattern of it. You should strictly avoid fabrics which are shiny, thick, stretchable and body hugging. One example would be lycra. Also, wearing small prints, horizontal and diagonal stripes should be completely avoided. Instead you should wear vertical prints that will make you look slim and tall. This way you can slim yourself instantly and make others jealous!

Update Your Office Wardrobe

Office wardrobes are generally considered to be dreary and plain. Not many people pay attention to it, forget even updating it. But most people often fail to notice that they are working in it for more than fifty percent of their day. They are being noticed by their colleagues throughout the day in that attire. Then how come your office formal wear should not be of any importance to you? The kind of dressing you have defines you and your taste. It says a lot of unsaid things about your body and your personality. How comfortable you are in what you are wearing is easily understandable by your body language too. Therefore it is insanely essential to pay attention even to your office wardrobe.

And who says that office wear has to be restricted to plain and boring only? You can look stylish, classy and sophisticated in office wear. There is an intellectual charm that oozes from you if you wear the right office wear. You do not have to look like clones of each other in formal wear. You can easily inject your personal style into the formals you wear and look unique. All you need to do is be aware of a little fashion sense and your basic preferences. You can use your favorite colors, accessories, and pairing patterns to be extremely presentable.

Designer Clothing

Most people do not wear any accessory while going to office. The only accessory that people generally don for office wear is a watch. Well you can definitely go for more than that, especially if you are a female.

Update your office wear with a few tricks, and people will just keep wondering about the secret behind it. Instead of using the same old tan brown or black belt, you can use a bit bright color. You can also wear a scarf as a belt. This will add a complete feminine touch to your corporate look. Even a small ear ring, light chain or bracelet adds a great to your office formals. You can even update your outfit with inclusion of various patterns like floral or striped.

Formals do not necessarily mean wearing plain, solid colors. Office fashion wear has its own charm; it has to be subtle, understated, but not muted.